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Girma Belachew Alemayehu Gender And Education:

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Girma Belachew Alemayehu Gender And Education:


This study was conducted in Shebel-Berenta Woreda of East Gojjam Administrative Zone, Northwestern Ethiopia. In addition to poverty, economic decision-making power and control over resources at the household level are examined. The education of females is affected by different factors. This study mainly focused on the impact of gender on females’ education. Education needs the active involvement of students to achieve its objectives. Lack of educational facilities and parental financial constraints play a negative role in hindering females’ education in the study area. The study also investigated the gender-specific impact of poverty on education. Among these factors,... In the study area, females’ education is highly influenced by different factors such as parental educational and economic background and socio-cultural factors. The study examined how these factors influence the educational participation and academic performance of female students in selected schools of Berenta Woreda.

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